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A family business looks into the future

Our tradition-conscious establishment has a long history. The Gasthaus Pär was established in 1931. Over the years, the originally very small inn has evolved into today’s modern, country-style hotel, thanks to a number of expansions and alterations.

Hunting played an important role in the inn’s early years. Senior partner Franz Pär worked as a hunting guide in the Lengau region for many years. Locals still meet at their regulars’ tables and mingle with hunting parties, association meetings and our hotel guests. That is also what makes the Jägerwirt so special: it’s a cosy meeting place for young and old alike; it’s for locals, as well as for holidaymakers. A place where people get together – to enjoy good food and have a drink.

In the summer of 2022 there was also a change and expansion of the operating company of the house. After Franz Pär sen. went into well-deserved retirement, the Pär family was replaced as owner by Wirtszone GmbH, a subsidiary of the Bauzone Group from Mondsee.

Maria and her son Franz Pär continue to have a formative presence in the company in this constellation and are additionally supported by Patrick Thaler as managing director of the house.

And so we are also well positioned for the future: as a unique, regionally anchored and nationally important house for well-being and meetings and as a crisis-proof and pleasant workplace for satisfied employees.

Why not come and see for yourself?

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Yours sincerely, The Jägerwirt Team

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